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Best Child Ski Lessons in Les 2 Alpes

Discover the top Les 2 Alpes child ski lesson options


Les 2 Alpes has a great choice of Ski Schools and Private Ski Instructors who can teach small groups of children or individual kids.

Putting your children into ski school can be a great way for them to not only learn how to ski, but also to enjoy fun activities and meet other children.

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What types of ski & snowboard lessons are there?

The most popular option for children learning to ski is a group ski lesson, although there are a few other types to consider;

Group Lessons
Beginner ski lessons take place in a small group with children at the same level of ability. Numbers are limited so that the children can all benefit from the instructions given. Children’s lessons keep the kids busy all day whilst you get the chance to explore the ski area, or simply relax. Lessons typically take place over the course of a week, either in the mornings or the afternoons.

Private Lessons
Private ski lessons can be just your child and the instructor, or your child and a friend or a small group of friends. Some children benefit more from one on one instruction and you may find that they progress faster this way. Private lessons can also offer a good degree of flexibility, allowing you to coordinate with your instructor times that suit your child or family best.

Snowboarding Lessons
Snowboard lessons are offered by most ski schools in Les 2 Alpes and you may find the occasional company that only offer snowboard lessons. You should be able to find group and private snowboard lessons to book in Les 2 Alpes.

Disabled Skiing
Handiski makes skiing much more accessible for disabled skiers and less-able bodied people. Highly qualified instructors will accompany you around the pistes and onto the ski lifts, making sure you are safe and have a great experience.

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Should I book group or private lessons?

It’s possible that your ski school will provide lunch and/or day care for your child, either for half day lessons or on full days. Make sure your children have snacks in their pockets or a little money to allow them to buy a drink or something to eat during the day.

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How much are ski & snowboard lessons in Les 2 Alpes?

You should always make sure that your child has ski insurance if they’re taking lessons. This can be bought separately online or at the point you buy a ski pass.

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Which ski or snowboard level am I?

Unless you already have skis for your child, you’ll need to hire them. Find out more about the types of skis that are suitable for beginners in our Ski Hire Guide.

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What age can children join ski school?

Ski schools may offer lessons for different age categories, however on the whole the following age categories apply:

Under 3 year olds
Children under 3 can join ski lessons and this will more likely be with a private instructor than in a group ski lesson. Lessons can be booked for individuals, or if you're on a family holiday and there are a couple of siblings/cousins who can learn together, then private lessons in a small group would be a good option.

​3 to 4 year olds
Children from  3-4 years old can join most ski schools, whol generally offer 1 ½ to 2 hours of lessons per day from Monday to Friday. You will find that 2 hours is plenty of time for a 3-4 year old to be in the cold. Lessons will normally be taught in a snow garden, a fun area for children to learn in a safe environment.

5 year olds and older
Most ski schools will take children from 5 years and provide 3 hour lessons, from Monday to Friday either in the morning or afternoon.

Some ski schools offer group lessons specifically for older children and teens, with the possibility of learning freeride, freestyle or off-piste techniques. Ask the ski school if they offer anything like this, otherwise consider putting your child into an adult lesson.

Top tip
It’s a good idea, especially for smaller children, to put a note in their pocket with your name and telephone number in case the ski school needs to contact you.

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Where are the ski school meeting points in Les 2 Alpes?

Ski school meeting points tend to be at main tourist office / bottom of the Jandri gondola in the centre of Les 2 Alpes, up on the mountain at Les Cretes beginner area or at the bottom of the Diable chairlift. Some Ski Schools or Private Instructors may also be able to meet you at a location of your choice, you just need to ask if they offer this service in Les 2 Alpes.

Ski Areas in Les 2 Alpes

What is Les 2 Alpes like for beginners skiers or snowboarders?

Three of the four nursery ski areas in Les 2 Alpes run along the base of the ski area, on the glacier side of the mountain. All of them are easily accessible as they run parallel to the main road that comes through the centre of the resort. If your child is ready to progress onto the pistes, there are 17 green pistes and 45 blue pistes to try. Read more about all the beginner areas in 2 Alpes in our guide. 

Beginner Ski Areas in Les 2 Alpes

Are there beginner ski passes in Les 2 Alpes?

There are five free ski lifts in the lower nursery ski areas in Les Deux Alpes (marked with a red line on the piste map). These give you access to four very short, gently sloping green pistes where you can build your confidence. If your child is ready to leave the nursery areas and progress onto more green and blue pistes, you can buy a ski pass from as little as half a day. Find this year's ski pass prices via the link below. 

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What should I wear when skiing or snowboarding?

The key items to bring with you, along with the obvious ski jacket, ski trousers, helmet and sunglasses, are as follows:

Wearing a helmet in ski lessons is strongly recommended, but not a legal requirement.

Weather on the mountain can change pretty quickly, and you are much better off wearing layers of thinner items as opposed to a big, bulky jumper. Try thermal tops and leggings, fleeces and hoodies. 

A variety of socks ranging in thickness, it may sound weird but in our experience hire boots can be quite painful with the wrong socks.

Sun cream
Even when it’s cloudy the sun here can (and will) still get you, and don't forget the underneath of your chin as the sun reflects off the snow too. Don't forget a lip salve with an SPF.

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